By CameraHappy

My Room

Today's challenge is Desk or Work Space. I am fortunate to have a room where I work and play. My "computer work" since I have retired takes place here - photo editing, social media, communication with friends and family, and so on. This room is also a place where I enjoy listening to music (a little jazz tonight), play a little on the piano or keyboard, or plan my schedule. It really is a room for me unless we have visitors; then it becomes multipurpose. Often there is a bassinet in the room for a baby to sleep. Or, when there is a large crew visiting it becomes the "coat" room, or place to whisper a few secrets, and do the final wrapping or signing of cards.

(As a sidebar, the computer glasses are wonderful and I am now very spoiled with having them. They also work for reading piano music.)

Truthfully, though, if I am really talking work space, I suppose I have neglected the rest of the house where the "chores" take place. And, then there's the yard where the gardening happens...I'll save those for another blip.

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