By redridergirl

bald eagle

Down in Homer, a tourist trap little town on the peninsula. Its unforgivingly nasty during the winter, but picturesque enough to suck in lots of tourists in the summer, due to its small size, generous helping of, erm, quirky Alaskans, and the unique spit, which is, of course, home to all the best tourist trap shops and the warf.

That last sentence had a lot of commas.

We're here for a pony club function, a quiz, which is essentially a know down about horses. It features five parts, barn, mega room, written, classroom and stations, which are an assortment of oral, written and team questions based on team skill level. Its quite fun, and while I had a very easy time, I saw how challenging it could be if unprepared ):

Down on the spit, and having a lovely time. There are scads (always wanted to use that word) of birds - gulls, ravens, bald eagles - that are not at all people shy. This one flew right over our heads, I've got a good deal of blurry shots of him going ten feet over us. Sadly, I had the lens on manual focus, and didn't have time to change it. ):

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