By KirstyHalbert

4 Years.

Pentax K1000, Kodak BW400CN, ISO 400

Up early for more scribing today. This one was a 2-day-er that is being held in Tullos. One of the main roads out that way is closed just now, and the traffic is crazy! We had a really unhelpful taxi driver too (*cough* Rainbow City Taxis *cough*) who showed up a full 15 minutes late, despite my colleague booking the night before!

After a full day staring at a computer while the sun shone, I didn't feel like going to the gym after the workshop finished. M and I went to play a game of golf instead, and I realised part-way round that it was the 10th July today: M and I have actually been together for four whole years already! This week in 2009, I was 'on a break' from my boyfriend (his choice, not mine) and to cheer me up, my friend A suggested that we ask her friend M whether he'd take us to the beach in his van in exchange for us teaching him to surf. I think we got the best end of that deal, since neither of us girls actually surf very well at all... And still don't to this day! By the end of the week, I was already hoping that my boyfriend was going to call time on our relationship - and I think he was quite surprised when he did just that and I didn't seem very upset! M had just broken up with his girlfriend, too, so we decided to go out for a (terrible) mojito in a casino in town to cheer ourselves up (A tactfully decided to stay at home) - and the rest, as they say, is history. Good history. I have had a fantastic four years with this gorgeous man; he makes me ridiculously happy and I'm already looking forward to the next four.

M's thoughts? "Yeah, I'll renew your contract."
"Erm... I was unaware we had a contract?"
"Oh yeah. It's a rolling one. You get another four years before your next appraisal."

How romantic.

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