In and out

8:30pm and passing through the bedroom.

What a day. So much continues to be on the go and much head-swimming trying to hang around.

Dropped the weeWeir at M-i-L and headed for the dentist. No action required other than keeping at it.

Onto work and the self-inflicted issue of too many people being off in the team at once.

We made it thru, but I had to take the train rather than cycle owing to needing to stay around to make sure we published a site for a customer. Which we did.

Made it home to barbecue some meat and eat with the MiL and weeWeir.

Evening stories and then bed, followed by the returning from work for Mrs theWeir. Just six shifts until Maternity leave for her.

Much weariness in the house. Much needing done to keep things on track for our next deliveries.

It is quite exciting at times. Especially the delivery of a new person. But not when work finishes at 00:45.


The view through an eyelet on our bedroom window blind.

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