Folland Gnat

Like at least one other blipper I was at East Fortune Air Show today.

Lovely weather and a great day out.

The Vulcan and the Blades display team were amazing, but for me the Chinook stole the show. Amazing what they could do with a 15 ton helicopter!

I have about 600 shots from the day so I am going to have to brutally edit them down, but this one of the bright red Folland Gnat pulling a loop caught my eye (some cracking shots of the Blades display too):

Reject 1: Blades Random Rolls

Reject 2: Blades Break Roll Montage

Reject 3: Blades Curve

Many more to come on Flickr - when I get a moment. I hope I picked the right one to blip :-)

Hope you like it!

- - - - -

LOTD: David's Pics Scattered Showers blip - great graphic composition.

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