Well, I am on vacation.. it is my 600th blip and tonight, if I get 100 views, I will hit 150,000 views. What an incredible blipday for me. This place never ceases to amaze me with the length and breadth of the pictures and stories EVERY day. Thanks to EVERYONE responsible for the site and to everyone who drops by my journal.

I am still in Zhang Jia Kou and had a very interesting day. From what I have researched, this are is well known for the plains and for the horsemen. So what did I do??? Climb a mountain. And instead of taking 'China' pics? What did I do??? Spent most of the time looking for birds and taking pics of bugs. I wanted to make this day a special one so I took lots of pics, processed 18 HDRs and 26 other pics and ended up with a really simple pic of a boy having an amazing time just throwing a shirt in the air and chasing it. But to me.. that is China. Simple. I love it here.

Only downer is that I have no one CLOSE, to share this trip with.. But... such... is... life. Miss you.

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