Peter's Ponderings

By Lofty

Day 2 - Complan

What a difference a good nights sleep makes!

Last night, I slept in my own bed (sort of - the spare bed in my parents house), with no oxygen mask, or IV line, or other patients on the ward nearly dying (seriously!).

I woke today to what I've decided is going to be the usual level of over-mothering, as the window was opened, curtains drawn, ibuprophen syrup decanted and soluble paracetamol dissolved for me!

Mum also said that the swelling looks like it's starting to go down.... it's marginal, but she could be right. On one side of my face anyway!

Also, today - I have hit the new liquid only diet with vengeance. After not venturing beyond soup and yogurt yesterday, I graduated to readybreak and chocolate complan today! Sawdust and milkshake never tasted so good!

SO, today's damage report:

Swelling - marginally down,
Numbness - Left half of bottom lip still missing, and chin a bit numb -made shaving this morning a dicey experience!!!
General perkiness - Much better.

Was it worth it? Maybe a question for next week!

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