By dfb24

Milwaukee County Courthouse

This is part of the Milwaukee County Courthouse taken from the East side of the building while standing in MacArthur Park. The Courthouse sits on the top of a hill, is 176 feet tall & has 11 floors. It was built in 1931, & it's Neo-Classical Revival style was the result of a nationwide design competition, in which architect Albert Ross of New York was selected out of 33 entries from across the country. At the time it was built it was healded as one of the grandest courthouses in the US, although it was once called a "million dollar rockpile" by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. (probably had his nose out of joint because he didn't design it! And thank goodness, as --personally speaking--I dislike everything he's ever built!).
Along the top of the columns it reads :"Vox Populi Vox Dei"--"The voice of the people, the voice of God".

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