By dfb24

Purple Coneflower

We have masses of these, as well as yellow daisies, all along one side of Lake Drive, which is the main road I take to & from work. They look really pretty all in bloom--but I think it's local government at it's finest! There are 10 acres of land along the road that are up for sale, so in preparation for "potential businesses" that might purchase the land, the city landscaped the edge of the property, putting in a sidewalk, benches, parking spaces & all these flowers 2 years ago....but the land is still for sale. And the corker is that if someone DID buy the property, all the landscaping etc. would be ruined by the trucks & workers that would be going in & out to build whatever the owner would want, & no sewer or water hook-ups were put in, so the (brand new & newly landscaped) road would all have to be dug up! A fine example of our tax dollars at work.

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