without becoming pictures

By lani

If only anything made sense.

Today was full of friends, of nostalgia and newness, of beauty and vigor and grace and smiles and adventure and play. It was really, really good.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I drove the length of 146N, with Phosphorescent and a million thoughts thrashing about in my head, but once I settled into a good rhythm with kind people, things started to make sense in a way they hadn't in a long time.

A nostalgic picnic, a brilliant hike (shown here), a frozen yogurt at a custard stand in the middle of a beautiful stretch of manicured lawns and unruly forest, good people and silly conversations and a wonderful drive under cloudy skies...

I will say that life could be better in a more sustained kind of way, but in the short term, on days like this, I don't have a single complaint.

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