without becoming pictures

By lani

Seriously, free nectarines.

There was a time, ages ago now, when I was in Ohio and all I could imagine was being in Rhode Island. I thought that Rhode Island held so much potential, so much grandeur that I couldn't even imagine yet.

It's 3 years later now, and I'm in Rhode Island, and of course, wanderlustful as I am, I'm imagining someplace else. This time, though, I don't imagine grandeur or magic so much as I imagine grace, passion, and peace.

The reason I bring this up is that when I'm lucky enough to spend a Sunday morning with Jon in Massachusetts, I feel different. I can put aside the rejection and fear and frustration and can imagine myself past all of it...it's almost like a switch flips when we have these weekends and I become the person I want to be, living the next chapter of the life that current-me is still trying to start.

I mean honestly, how many "Free Peach or Nectarine Day!"s do I have in my day-to-day life?

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