The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Alarm Fault Today....

We were working upstairs in the second bedroom and I heard the alarm go off even though I had switched it off when we came in this morning.
I reset and went back to work only to find about half an hour it went off again with a fault on zone one, the front door, it was open but it should not matter as the alarm was off, so I gave the help desk a ring and they went through a series of tests and they came to the conclusion hat some batteries were low in a door sensor, so tomorrow I will get a packet of 2032 button batteries to see if they make any difference and correct the problem.
I don't want to be waking the neighbours do I.
The house is coming on well we now have two bedrooms finished and the bathroom half done, we will be moving on to the hall stairs and landing next.

Mrs BM and I settled down to watch a film, "The Last Brickmaker in America" staring Sidney Poitier, if anyone wants to see how we made bricks at Rudgwick in the Olden days before mechanisation, this is a very accurate film technically, and it's a good story too.

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