Out of Tune

It's been a while since this old piano last banged out a hummable tune I reckon...

I spied this old piano whilst making my way across campus tonight after work. I was hoping to have a swift pint of Guinness at the Shilling Club whilst waiting for Mrs H to collect me (she was running late). Unfortunately, I arrived bang on closing (early due to the students being away on a break) so I thought I'd give walking across campus a go. Which I did! I'm glad I had the single crutch with me, as it did make the walk a little easier. I'm feeling it now though, as I sit here with my leg elevated... I think I may have pushed it a little too far.

Oh well. Tomorrow sees my final follow up with the my surgeon, nearly three and a half months on from my surgery. I think my knee's made great progress overall, and I'm hoping I'll be given the all clear. We'll see eh?

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