Peter's Ponderings

By Lofty

Day 5 - Dimples

ANOTHER rubbish nights sleep! This time kept dozing off, but every time I did, I would wake up with a start like you do when you fall over in a dream? In the end, with my jaw aching, and me not showing any signs of sleep soon - I got up and watched BBC4 at 1am. Even that couldn't help me nod off!

I must have dozed off at some point though, as I woke feeling particular unrefreshed with the sun streaming through the window this morning.

I figured my jaw won't stop aching any time soon, and I won't be able to sleep lying down for a while yet, so I won't let a bad night sleep or 3 spoil my day. So put a brave face on, and I went off to watch Sophie ride her horse, and we got a hot chocolate on the way back. Unfortunately, that seems to be as energetic as I can get at the moment, so have retired to the garden for a quick snooze and a blip!

So, to today's injury report:

Pain: An intense ache a the back of my jaw every time I move.
Swelling: Seemingly getting better again - now I think I could pass for someone who is just a bit "big boned"....
Bruising: My chest which was a delicate green colour yesterday has now gone a sort of angry purple...
Diet: Tried Complan chicken flavour soup (suitable for vegetarians) for lunch:

I really can't recommend it!!!!

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