By Ingeborg

Druivenkoers Overijse - Bike race

Our village is having its annual grape festival, the region is known for its table grapes, more for dessert than for wines. The grape festival lasts a week and today it had its professional and amateur bike race. I walked up to the nearest part where the race would pass to have a look. As you can see though not exactly the Tour de France it still was a race complete with well known team names and following team cars with extra bikes etc. And a cameraman on a motorbike ! I have no idea who this cyclist is, you would think he might be important because the cameraman was following him. Husband told me to look out for Johnny Hoogerland, but I didn't see anyone in the Dutch national champion's lycra ! And it is true that even though they didn't go that fast they were past in a couple of seconds!

Oh, and I just realised that my ISO settings were still on last night's settings to try to capture the full moon, arrggh, when will I learn !

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