Arnside and beyond

By gladders


I had plans for a full moon tonight, then the cloud cleared in the west but not the east. By way of compensation, the walk with Gus along the estuary was magical, with beautiful silvery light reflected off the water. The solitary heron is here (a faint dot on the mudflats) resting between meals, and was actively feeding again as we walked back. We were there not long after 8 pm but the sun had already gone, the nights are drawing in quickly.

Well, I have been absent from here longer than expected. Our trip to the south occupied us fully, there was so much to sort out, so much indeed that I had to bring some back with us. We made good progress, and the old flyer was grateful for the assistance. It was still Summer down there too, and while rain was falling all around, the rain shadow around Dad's place spared us when we did get out.

I have taken photos every day that we were away, and I may get round to backblipping them sometime. We shall see. Sorry that I have missed many blipversaries in my absence, and I will try and catch up over the next few days.

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