Meanwhile, at the coast..

By meancoast

Cold war......

.....I've blipped this photo before (here, if you want to read what's typed on the back, it's titled: HOW THEY PHOTOGRAPHED THE BIG BLAST and it dates from 1952 when we were dropping experimental atomic bombs on the, just because we could) but I only found the folder of notes and handouts from a conference my Dad attended in 1975 (he was a chief fire officer then) recently when I was ratching in some drawers......basically it's what 'the authorities' were expected to do in a nuclear's definitely NOT bedtime reading with lists and tables of expected injuries and fatalities per kiloton of bomb drop, predicted damage to infrastructure, short and long term effects of radiation etc etc.....and it's quite possibly still covered by the official secrets act (so no snitching that I've got it OK?)

Now I'm off to watch last nights Celebrity Masterchef in an attempt to forget everything I've just read.......

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