... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

NHM: Mothman Prophecies

I just wrote my description but the internet failed and it was lost to the ether...

Hum, what did I write?!
I wrote about my fairly random picture: these are the hands of AG, curator of lepidopterans (butterflies and moths). It is AG's birthday today so we had various celebratory moments throughout the day, and stayed after work to relax and raise a glass to him. He was presented with a card that featured a knitted moth finger-puppet on the front: he promptly removed it from the card, animated it with his finger, then stuffed it into a glass which he covered with a postcard to prevent it from flying off...! Ha.

I love the time I spend at the NatHist because not only is it a fantastic and beautiful museum and a world-class scientific institution, but it is also staffed by such an amazing range of talented and unusual individuals. I get on well with many of the people who I've come across in the museum, but have also formed some close friendships which now extend beyond the museum's walls and working days.
I imagine that many here on blip know what it feels like to be part of a community with such positive attributes!

I forget what else I wrote; I'm seriously tired... After two weekends of late nights, and two busy weeks when I haven't caught up, I'm feeling pretty knackered. I'm looking forward to the weekend: I hope that I can catch up with myself, catch up with blip, and also finally catch up with the Goosles! I haven't seen them for a week now which is crazy... I bet the little one is now flying. I ought to be able to visit them several times over the weekend, so expect an update!

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