Desperately seeking

By clickychick


My fastest blip,ever!

I was in the shop happily nattering to The Friend about the blip he had just put up, when The Man came in to collect me. "You'll not be able to do a blip tonight!" he said. Pale faced and trembling, I wondered if there had been an announcement about the end of the world. No, thankfully, but almost as bad: our broadband has gone down at home and we don't get reception for the mobile thingy.

In haste I locked-up and grabbed the camera, sent The Man off to get the Infinity Board and went in ever-decreasing circles for something suitable to blip in emergency circumstances!

Here it is - an abalone shell, or paua shell. They come from an edible mollusc and are stained and the outer calcareous layer removed to make a decorative item.

Doesn't sound like I'll be sitting around looking at your lovely pics tonight!

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