Desperately seeking

By clickychick

What's The Story?

Morning Glory! The day started off brightly but, when everything went dull and wet, I was glad I'd done an emergency-just-in-case-I-see-nothing-better-blip. It was done from the back door of my shop, a sight that won't be there for long. It used to be a view of a dismal disused warehouse. But suddenly, so bright!

First the bright blue hoarding, then, after the building was demolished this red-faced erection went up! The inner shell of Sterling board has a protective red sheeting over it which will disappear very soon as the outer layer goes up.

So intent was I on trying to include workmen in bright yellow jackets and helmets, that I failed to notice the man on the left appear around the wall. That cost me 15 minutes telling the story of what used to be in this part of town!

Now round the other side there is a full length bright yellow ladder which would look very nice if those nice men would just bring it round here......

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