River of Flowers

By doffy

Cadnant near Menai Bridge

As you leave Menai Bridge town towards Beaumaris you pass through an old settlement called Cadnant, this is where today's blip was taken.

I messed about for a couple of hours this morning with a little jewellerey making gadget for making knots between pearls and other beads. I then went off to meet up with M for our Friday lunch.

M needed a lift home so I said I needed to do some shopping at the local C0-0p and M had a wander round as well. On our way back to M's home we started discussing what my journal entry might be for today, Cadnant is always somewhere which fascinates me and it has an interesting history and a hidden garden which I may visit before very long.

It was warm today, 20 degrees, but we had rain mid afternoon and a bit more at nightfall, no wind though and plenty of butterflies around.

It's Friday night again and a Bank Holiday, so best wishes to everyone for a lovely weekend x

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