Action Time Vision


BuganBusBlip #13

Major dilema for today's Blip.

I have some lovely canal barge/lock images taken at a "flight" of 21 locks at Hatton.

However I came accross this gaggle of VW activity just outside Banbury at The VW Camper Ltd.

The prices on these buses was absolutely astonishing especially considering the apparent condition.

I recently read criticism in a VW monthly about the unrealistic pricing of buses and thought that things would have calmed down due to the "credit crunch".

I don't know if they are selling or not for this bloke but the prices were bizarre (and that's my opinion as a VW fan).

BTW did you know John Maher of the Buzzcocks set up doing this after the 70's.

And BTW BTW did you know Johnny Marr called himself "Marr" so as not to be confused with the Buzzcocks drummer. His reall name is also Maher.

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