Action Time Vision


MiniBlip #2

My wife bought me these wee fellers last week but just gave me them today.


I used to have a load of Minis. Er, the big ones. I wish I still had them especially my "E" plate. It was formed from three different cars with a fantastic "25" silver velour and red trim interior.

Everyone thinks they are really easy to work on but in truth they can be a nightmare due to lack of engine bay space.

The transverse engine is jemmied into place with very little room around it and a pan below which tends to stop dropped tools etc. reaching the ground when you inadvertantly drop them.

They are probably one of the least safe cars to drive with the strength of the "crumple zone" depending on just how thick your pants are.

And they leak water like a ... Mini. Weld it upa dn it just gets in somewhere else. Ah, the memories.

I remember one I had, the first one which was GSX228N, I had to keep drilling holes in the floor to drain it then welding the holes up again.

I must start Blipping Minis.

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