a town called E.

By Eej

Hello New Shoes, Goodbye Beard

This morning I test drove my new running shoes. They like going fast, it seems - but I'm not there yet so for now they will just have to conform to my needs. The few times I accelerated and really ran I could feel them getting extra bouncy though.
One day. Maybe.
But I did better than last week (14 sec. per km less), AND I had pleasant company in Solstice Sister S. who wanted to see if she could do it too. (She could, btw)

I felt so good the rest of the day. The weight of the old shoes that had started to hurt my feet and limbs lifted off my shoulders - and even though I gained a blister because who in their right mind test drives new shoes for 5k? I still felt awesome.

Then the Beloved shaved off his beard. THIS beard. I took pride in the overgrown shagginess of it; he said he was never able to grow a good thick beard until recently so naturally I took the credit. It's obvious I make him feel Extra Manly.

He wanted before and after photos but we got distracted by food and Dr. Who so all I have is the before. You'll have to take my word for it when I say he still looks magnificent.
Just a little less hairy :)

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