a town called E.

By Eej

Oh yeah, I've Blipped this lane before ...

... but it's because it's rather lovely. And because we drive through it every week. And because usually at that point in the day I know photos taken from the car are the only ones I'm going to get. OR I take some just in case.

Anyway, I was busy today, but mostly in my head. Odd, I woke up from a dream where I was making chocolate pudding with croissants - and where I couldn't come up with the name of the husband of the second oldest sister of the main person in a book trilogy (Marijke) I haven't read for ages. It set the tone for the whole day; altogether too much in my head, even after an hour of Zumba.

Still, it was a good day, especially after the Beloved came home from work :)

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