a town called E.

By Eej

Bald 'n bold

A few days ago, a Blue Jay in an even more sorry state than this appeared in the backyard.
"Ooooooh!" went my brain, "what the hell happened to that poor thing?. Is he sick? Did he pull out its feathers because he's depressed? What happens if the feathers don't grow back? How will he survive the Michigan winter if he can't keep his head warm? Should I knit him a hat?"
I took a few photos but when I looked at them it made me even more sad.
What if the other Blue Jays had been jealous of him getting all my peanuts? What if they resented him because of me calling him The Handsome Mr. Blue Feathers?

Apparently they molt.
Ha! All worked up and sad for nothing.

Fortunately one of my molars broke while I had my dinner so now I have a real reason to be sad. Do we have insurance yet? :/

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