Carol: Rosie & Mr. Fun

By Carol

Vacation/Holiday Bicycling

It was late morning before we slid our feet into the toe clips and pedaled the tandem bicycle away from the house. We had traveled the length of two houses when Mr. Fun reached down to adjust the strap on his left toe clip and quickly we were wobbly and in a flash, we were both on the pavement. We each have a skinned left knee and skinned left elbow. I started crying, more because I was scared than hurt. So we walked the bicycle back to the house, found some alcohol, and cleaned our scratches. I said, "Now let's go." He wanted to know if I really meant that after falling and I said, "Yes!" So we were back on the bike and rolling within minutes.

We ridden this bicycle 10,000 + miles since purchasing it during the summer of 1984 and this is, I think, the fourth time we have fallen and it is embarrassing and humiliating and it's easy to want to blame it on age rather than the fact that we haven't ridden nearly enough lately. Non-use makes us out of practice.

The house we are staying in is not quite two miles from the ocean. So once we got away from the neighborhood, across one major street, Brookhurst, and onto the bicycle trail, we were okay. We've ridden beside the Santa Ana River trails zillions of times. In the past we have left from our home which is approximately 38 miles from the beach. We have pedaled right from our front porch to the ocean and back home in one day. Our current desire is to get in shape and be able to do that distance again.

We are feeling quite excited that dieting is going well--(I mentioned this yesterday). We are realizing just how much of life revolves around food. Egads! So we're trying to get into the mindset that food is for refueling, not for entertainment; I can't begin to express what a foreign thought that is and one that we are not even fond of. For too long we've made food a social event. Many billboards, magazine ads, and TV commercials are focused on food--food is everywhere.

We also know that aging is a direct result of lack of movement, and that muscles love to be used, and muscle tone is dependent on exercise. So that's a little bit about where our thoughts are today with getting back into regular bicycling (and when we get back home swimming).

Thank YOU for commenting even though I am not getting much commenting accomplished. I'm hoping in the next few days to stay awhile at a Starbucks (free Internet) so we can browse through all of your blips. For now, we'll be satisfied to park near the local library, connect to their wi-fi, and upload this Sunday's photo and thoughts.

To say that I am having Internet withdrawals, would be truthful, even though a bit embarrassing. I am an addicted blipper and I admit it! If Blipfoto contained calories, I'd be obese.

Okay everyone, carry on, go well and have a great Monday.
Rosie (& Mr. Fun), aka Carol

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