By Chrysanthemum

Jai Ho or Bollywood in Bradford.

Bollywood came to Bradford today. It brought Bollywood weather too, thank goodness, not the usual Bradford stuff.
Bollywood, I have discovered, is easy peasy. It goes like this. Girl (Street-wise) loves Boy (Dimwit, but vain) and he loves her. You could of course try the variation of girl/dimwit loves boy/street-wise, but stick with me on this one for the moment. Anyway, girl’s father (uncle/brother/guardian etc) doesn’t approve of relationship. Dimwit doesn’t know what to do about this. Cue Side-kick/Friend who advises Dimwith that he must gain Father/uncle/brother/guardian’s respect, but Dimwit too dim to know how to do this. Enter Baddie (evil prince, evil uncle, evil debt collector etc.) who sets out to kidnap Girl (or otherwise harm her). Dimwit fights Baddie in slow motion. Queen or even Quo music here to start with, then loud drum beat with every pretend punch. Dimwit wins, of course and thereby wins Father’s respect. Happy ever after beckoning. End of movie with everyone clapping, waving and dancing hysterically to Jai Ho. As I said – easy. Just work all the variations, add loads of songs, dancers, dancing and really, really colourful costumes and you can’t lose. I’m off now to write my own Bollywood movie script. And make a fortune.
(A few more pictures here, if interested,

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