Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach

Just a few blackberries.....

.....with the promise of so many more!

Taking a leaf from the journal of my friend, Sefferdog.

But of course, being a woman, I HAVE to say a few more words!!

I feel a Blackberry and Apple Crumble coming on, so we need some sunshine to ripen the rest of these berries - it is quite chilly in the garden this morning (and bear in mind this was taken before 8.00 a.m.) - in fact, it is feeling quite Autumnal!

Mr. HCB came and looked over my shoulder at this blip and was excitedly telling me that there are lots of new shoots to be tied in so that means even more blackberries next year. He is such an enthusiastic gardener and finds pleasure in so many things in our his garden. What a treasure! Who said retirement means no more work? Obviously not a gardener!

Looking forward to another blipmeet tomorrow - which involves a bus journey, so am getting excited about that.

Enjoy your day, fellow blippers, and I hope the sun comes out for Mr. HCB at cricket!

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