A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

The Perils of Living With a Knitter

A vast (well, vast-ish, compared to Monkey) parcel arrived today for Jenny, containing an array of colourful balls of wool. This caused much jubilation as you can imagine. I completely forgot they had even been ordered.

Following the successful reception of yesterday's blip & the cow hat (hat, not pat), Jen's already had a few enquiries! Exciting stuff. I'll be sure to share any newly-knitted garments with you. I think they are going to look great!

Talking of yarns, I've got one for you. I went to play badminton with my work colleague Jack at the local leisure centre, post-Office. We had a good laugh! I haven't played badders in a good year or two, & only then for a bit of fun, but we still put on a good show & had a blistering contest. Jack's a little on the competitive side, & although I'm partial, as long as I'm not playing balls, I'm fairly content. The first game was a close one, which Jack powered through to claim. The second & third were a different story, & I retaliated in kind & managed to take the tie 2-1. The game is afoot! I'm sure we'll have another thrilling instalment for you in a couple of weeks time.

The first golden shuttlecock goes to Team Monkey!

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