A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

Through the Rose Arch

It was a complete contrast at work today. It was so incredibly quiet compared to the weekend shenanigans we dealt with. Nothing of note to report on but I still couldn't wait for my 3-day bank holiday weekend to begin. It was an absolute joy to finish at 4pm & stroll out into the sunshine.

On my return home I noticed that the entire moorhen brood where on a daylight raid on the chicken's seed & after a commando style crawl across the conservatory floor, with Mick not quite grasping what on earth I was doing, I suddenly realised that Jamie's window would make for the perfect vantage point. And so I was blipping away for some time, pearing intently through the curtains trying hard to not be seen, sipping a beer I might add (I'm off now for 3 days, what do you expect?!).

Of all the shots, I like this one, through the rose arch, with the little fluffy chap just taking it all in, sitting in the sun at the top of the garden & waiting for mum to bring the seed to him. Genius. Finally starting to get some better shots of the BCT's that i'm happy to Blipify, so will defo be using this lookout post again.

And now my time to relax.

..Where's my seed?

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