A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

Liver & White

I really like this natural shot of Ri & Oz, they're just the perfect double act. Real troublemakers!

I've had a nice but busy first day off. I had a much needed lye in this morning & my left eye, which has been hurting since the weekend, has finally got better. I took a little trip into town to get my mane trimmed & then spent much of the afternoon catching up on the X factor (a guilty pleasure) & cleaning both fish tanks (an even guiltier pleasure). They were grim!

Monkey & I are now lodging at the caravan in Whitstable with Ma, Ri & Oz for the next couple of days. We're looking forward to a relaxing time with plenty of walks, lots of chilling, lounging & maybe a run or two along the coast. Hoping to capture a few interesting Blips of the local sights & sounds too whilst I'm here. It can be very picturesque.

Now for some marmalade on toast. Strange but true.

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