... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Southbank: Bubble Trouble!

I had another jolly evening on the Southbank. I struggled to choose today: I saw a busker that I liked (!) and took photos of her singing her folksy acoustic versions of some decent songs with the Palace of Westminster in the background, and I photographed this bubble-making man for ages (and caught lots of enthusiastic expressions and joyful jumping around), and I also photographed some rather amazing light in the NHM, but that was too similar to my recent cocoon blip (although the lighting was rather more cool today... Hum).

Anyway, here are some children enjoying the bubble man's brilliant bubbles; this one was a bit different from the other bubble-makers that I've seen in that he had quite a few different bubble-making tools some of which created large single bubbles, whilst others made vast streams of smaller or longer bubbles. It was fun to watch and photograph.

I've a busy-looking day tomorrow, but it'll start off with the Goosles which looks like a pretty got starting point to me.

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