... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosles: "Triumph Ceremony"

More superb a display in large ("L").

This is Mr. and Mrs. doing their pair-bonding display after a near miss with a threatening airliner... Clapham Common is beneath a flight path over London so there is a constant stream of airliners flying over it, and some of the larger ones (in particular) catch the Goosles's attention and make them feel slightly threatened. Anyway, both of the Goosles spotted a large plane (Mrs. looking upwards & Mr. looking upwards), and Mr. pranced around looking scary: the airliner carried on going and didn't land nearby so he'd definitely scared it away, leading both Mr. and Mrs. to celebrate with their noisy and showy triumph ceremony. It is a wonderful thing to see: they make a lot of noise (she trumpets and he does raspy cackling), and spread their wings and arch their necks and generally look totally adorable.

I've uploaded some other photos from Clapham Common (right from here) and Wandsworth Common (right from here), and also a set of pictures that I took at St. James's Park on Thursday (right from here).

Today's highlights:
Moorhen with plumage blowing in the wind
Mrs. with plumage blowing in the wind
Heron in flight: against foliage & against water

St. James's Park highlights:
Heron; Barnacle goose; Unconventional couple; Red-breasted goose; Iridescent crow; Pelican paparazzi; Pelican stroking; Punky pelican; Pelican doesn't mind being stroked; Pelican launching!; Pelican landing

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