By tadpoleview

Almost, but not quite 3

Final day of the rally and many fewer arrivals today quite naturally, but lots of departures of those who had camped by their aircraft over night.

This is one of those departures. It is an AERONCA C3, and this particular model was built in 1935 - that makes it about 78 years old, so it was probably not quite the oldest there over the weekend (well not if you count some of the spectators anyway!).

I chose it because it was amongst the most spectacular of the take offs in terms of how slow it was going when it left the ground. I think the only thing that was slower was probably the Fiesler Storch which took off on Saturday in very little more than its own length, and diagonally across the runway into the wind!

Over the weekend I have seen so many different types of aircraft, all with their own characteristics. Some fly fast but use a lot of runway, others use little runway but as a result are fairly slow flying. Some are made for just one pilot, whereas others could carry several passengers too. Some preferred thee grass runway, and others were better on the tarmac one. Different, but all special, especially to their owners.

We don't all have to be the best at this or that. We can't be, but we can be who we were made to be - unique creatures made specially to bring pleasure to the Father and glory to the Son.

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