Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Square Juice

Well. I feel like I spent 90% of last night with every fibre of my being bent on not vomiting. I succeeded, but I'm not sure to good effect; it seems the actual gastro-lurg is therefore taking much longer to go, and I still feel rather off.

This is the watermelon juice mrs tsuken (who has begun feeling significantly better; mostly just the effects of dehydration for her now) made for me, now that I feel I can start to ingest something. I think it's helped a bit, but I need to take it very very slowly.

I think I'll have a crack at AmblingCamera's "Square September" challenge. (Starting with this uninspired photo, but I'm not walking around looking for a better, so it'll have to do.)

Oh, beside the glass is Susan Cooper's "Over Sea, Under Stone". It was beside the bed, and I didn't feel up to going anywhere to get anything else, so I've started re- (re- re- re- re- ...) reading it.

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