By photosbyjon

Day 248 of 365 - Parliament Piece!

Welcome to day 248 of 365 (Finished image after Editing)

The original photo was taken today in Kenilworth. The view is of a small herd of cows grazing peacefully in the pasture. The field where this image was taken is a Local Parkland Nature Reserve called Parliament Piece. It is thought that the name of the site originates from this being the location of the First English Parliament, to which the representatives of ordinary citizens from the boroughs as well as knights of the shires were required to be chosen by election. It is said that the Parliament was held here by Simon de Montfort after his battle with King Henry III in 1264.

As always the shot was taken with my iPhone 5. The photo was taken using the camera App ProCam for iPhone. The original image can be found here: Unedited original Image.

First of all I used the app PicsPlay Pro to edit the image. This was done by cropping and straightening the image, I then applied the HDR Sky 1 filter to the picture to help make the colours of the sky stand out a little better. Next I used the app ShockMyPic to soften the image a little. After that I used the app Painteresque to make the image feel more painterly, I did this by applying the Painteresque 2 filter. Finally I used PhotoToaster to apply the Vibrant Fx and Canvas texture to the picture and add the Shadow frame.

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