By IronWill2013

Next years crop

This is "next years crop" .... I will grow them on this year, over winter in the greenhouse, and then plant them out next spring. These are our perennials to plant out in the remaining borders in the garden. From memory (not the most reliable of things), it consists of: Hellebores, Silene 'Jack Flash', Scabius 'Blue Jeans', Echinacea, Delphinium 'Pacific Giants', Lavendar and Geum 'Mrs Bradshaw'. Oh .... you can also see the Banana plants that we grew from seed, and the aubergines in this shot.

We harvested runner beans, raspberries, blackberries, plums, apples, red and black currants.

Our neighbour spoke with my wife (they are avoiding me), and said that the fence will be built next Monday onwards, and the tree will come down. My wife asked about the gaping hole that is the side fence between our properties .... this has always been an issue between us ... the gap allows anyone to enter into our garden, and lets our cats escape onto a very busy main road. They own the side gap/passage, so we are at their mercy. Throughout the year, they have allowed us to stick up a temporary gap filler, and then, when they have been angry with us, they have kicked it down again. This has now happened twice in recent months. Our cats have not been outside all week. This is nothing but cruel and petty. Time to take matters into our own hands.

Going to watch Star Trek Into Darkness tonight.

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