Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

We're on holiday!

We cycled down to the station, we had to take a detour because of CarFest South and annoyingly we had to deal with some petrol headed moron who doesn't understand that single track lanes aren't wide enough to pass bike any more than tractors... My other half was nearly knocked off.

While at the station waiting for our train these two planes from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight came buzzing over. Sorry about the picture quality as I wasn't expecting to see them and so I didn't have my camera out when they came over in the first pass.

The big one is an Avro Lancaster with bits from a Lincoln, a Shackleton and a modern Airbus - it's not very original and it was built after the actual Battle of Britain but it's still mostly a Lancaster and very impressive.

The small one is an Hawker Hurricane IIC (PZ865) and is the last Hurricane ever to be built, from 1944. She is currently wearing the colours of Mk IIC HW840, coded ‘EG-S’, of 34 Squadron, South East Asia Command during 1944.

We took the train without a problem to Portsmouth and boarded the ferry, tomorrow we will wake up in Brittany!

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