Steph's window on life...

By SJordan

Happy 19th birthday A!

I had Sunday School this morning, then it was back to see the girls, who were still in bed when I got back. When I finally got them up and ready, we went to the shops and got some stuff, then came home and baked. Charis made cupcakes and Lyla and I made a Red Velvet cake. I made the girls do some homework, then it was time to go down to my houses to meet my parents and A, before heading out for dinner.

We went to Li Li's Chinese in Bangor, it's so good! We ordered from the all you eat menu, so there was so much fun. We then headed home for some ice cream and cake. A seems to have had a good day, which is great! Can't believe my baby bro is 19... I'm feeling old...


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