By photosbyjon

Day 250 of 365 - The Old and the New!

Welcome to day 250 of 365 (Finished image after Editing)

The original photo was taken of one of the most iconic views in the Cathedral Quarter of Coventry City Centre. The image is a Panorama shot of both the Old Coventry Cathedral Ruins together with the Newer Coventry Cathedral. This was taken early this morning, just after I dropped my Daughter off for Choir service at the Cathedral.

As always the shot was taken with my iPhone 5. The photo was taken early this morning using the built in iPhone Panorama camera App. The original image can be found here: Unedited original Image.

First of all I used the app Handy Photo to edit the image. This was done by cropping the bottom of the image and then extending the top of the image a little. I then adjusted the Colour Vibrance and Saturation as well as the Sharpness a little. After that I used the app Painteresque to make the image feel more painterly, I did this by applying the Painteresque 2 filter. Finally I used the app Camera Genius to apply the Gold Art Deco frame.

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