New Street Art

This is one of the many street art projects that have been enlivening Leith Walk and its environs in the last couple of years, seemingly driven by the enthusiasm of the multi arts event Leithlate, which also runs various art projects, like the Shutter Project.

Last month it was the new mural on Halmyre Street done by a collective of Leith artists.

This time artist Guido van Helten has been doing interesting things with the old India Rubber Mills shop frontage which has looked a mess for ages.

According to the WalkingHeads facebook page "LeithLate tells us Guido has chosen a scene from an Edinburgh International Festival production of Macmillan's version of Seven Deadly Sins, performed in 1961 – "The heroine of the production is a split personality: rational vs impulsive/creative - a reference to the relationship of Edinburgh and Leith perhaps?""

Interesting idea.

Anyway, for me, it's provides another entry for the #leithwalkshops series, one that had me searching for some more information about the Victoria India Rubber Mills, landing on this very informative wiki page about Leith Walk and inspiring me to do more, for my occasional blips on Leith Walk, to have a poke around the backsides of some of the buildings and pay a little more account to the history of this fascinating street.

Finally, many thanks to everyone who stopped by on my demonic day yesterday. Much appreciated. Onwards and upwards with renewed blip enthusiasm!

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