... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

NHM: The Visitors Marched In Two By Two...

Taller in large ("L").

I took this on my way out of the museum this evening; I rather enjoy the quiet but purposeful bustle just before the museum closes. There were very few people around when I emerged into the public area, so I headed for the central hall and watched the exodus.
The front of house staff perform a very elegant pincer manoeuvre in the evening: they clear the galleries from the edges inwards and herd the visitors slowly towards the main hall and main entrance (or towards the Exhibition Road entrance if they're in the Earth Galleries). These two were about to be turned around as there was a chap standing behind me on the stairs who'd bar their progress.

I often seem to cause confusion: the routine tends to follow a consistent pattern.
I'm holding a camera so get flagged as a straggler:
"The museum is now closed..."
(*I make my pass more visible*)
"... please would you make your way to the exi... Oh! I thought that you were a..."
Me: "... a photographer?"

Today it was a briefer variation:
"Excuse me, the museum is ... Oh, it's you again."

Guilty as charged: I'm always me!

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