... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Burning Lily Macro

More three-dimensional in large ("L").

Phew, I've just back blipped my holiday pics from Menorca. I had a wonderful time: the weather was excellent, the island was quiet, and I couldn't have wished for better company.

I'm planning to put up an album of shots on Flickr (including panoramas which don't look so good here) so I'll post a link and highlights when I've a mo. (possibly tomorrow).
Now to do some catching up! Bear with me...

Back blips:
Day 1 - Arenal d'En Castell
Day 2 - Punta Grossa Grasshopper
Day 3 - Far de Favàritx
Day 4 - Fornells from Monte Toro
Day 5 - Mediterranean Minimalism
Day 6 - Gecko!
Day 7 - Ciutadella Side Streets
Day 8 - San Lluis Trotting Races
Day 9 - Menorca from Cap de Cavalleria
Day 10 - Last Morning

and yesterday: Space Station...?

p.s. The Goosles seem cheerful, but are being naughty and staying on the island... My Goosle long lens is still being serviced so I'll (/you'll) have to wait for a Goosle shot.

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