Bantiger down to Berne.

Woke up feeling bloody terrible and thought the cold I'd appeard to have seen off had come roaring back and knobbled me. One Berocca, one rehydration salts sachet and one Swiss brunch later and I felt much, much better.

Feeling refreshed and with the various bits of work we needed to do being done (thank fuck for remote connections to work servers), a wander up the local hill was the order of the afternoon. I say "wander" up local "hill" I mean a smashing hike up a the tallest hill in Berne. This was the view from the top over Berne itself.

Halfway up the wander we came across a fresh fruit vending machine - a first for me without a doubt and the plums I bought were half-scarfed on the way up and then completely forgotten about on the way down. They'll form part of the trail mix for tomorrow's excursion to whatever breathtaking vista is chosen for me by Sis and Marcel.

A lovely day.

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