What did I see today...?

By DaveR


It's not every day a bus pulls up alongside, the door opens and the driver says something politely (apart from the time my bag was merrily opening itself without me noticing!).

In any case a lot of people were stuck in roadworks on the way home this evening and there was a fair share of lane dodging - the not-so-cunning blighter here was indicating left but ignoring every turn as he went up the bus lane, attracting the ire of several cyclists and, as it turns out, bus drivers. We were halfway up the queue when a P&R bus pulled up next to me and the door opened:

Bus Driver: "Hey mate! MATE!"
Me: "Me? Yeah?"
Bus Driver: "That a camera on your belt?" *me nods* "Photo that **** for me will you?" *me shrugs, takes a photo* "Awesome, take it to the police for us, they'll give him a warning!"
Me: "Okay..."

The lights then changed and we all went off, me to rounders, the bus to the town centre and the moron, at last, to the left. Post rounders I was cycling past the police station when I remembered the conversation and parked up, taking the camera inside. Went to the desk and reported what had happened, the sergeant asked if I had a witness, so I said the bus driver and then showed the photo. Sergeant has a look at the camera, shakes her head and grins, "I know which driver you spoke to, he's sent four or five people in this week" - she then gives me an e-mail to send the photo to.

All that's going to happen is that the driver receives some advice about driving in bus lanes, no heavy handedness, which I quite like - I may keep the camera handy in future cases as well!

Oh, and as far as I know, no one involved in the incident was called Ted.

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