What did I see today...?

By DaveR


What a grey, dreary day, and it didn't seem to help that the office had turned itself into a bit of an oven, even when we had the windows open. The rain didn't stop all day either, though I agree with Stef that it's not so bad cycling home rather than to work (not that he did today - took the car instead!)

Took these flowers (no idea what they are) as I got back to the house this evening, they were surprisingly bright and colourful given the lack of sunlight so I've taken a bit of colour out of the shot to reflect the day as it was.

Oh, and it was only after reviewing the photos I realised that the black dots I thought were pips or seeds caught in all the flowers were actually a horde of beetles on some kind of daring raid - I do like the one sheltering in the biggest flower (largified here).

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