By treegonk

Edinburgh Marathon 2007

I ran in the Edinburgh Marathon Hairy Haggis Relay today, in a team of four. We had two teams from work, so I ran with Jo and we ran from Musselburgh to Port Seton on the second leg of the relay - about 6 miles. Both our teams finished in just over 4 hours.

My intensive three training sessions seemed to have paid off and it was actually quite enjoyable. I managed not to be sick and my legs don't seem to be sore at all now. We ran past the crowds of people on the streets cheering and blowing horns. There was a great atmosphere all along the route.

I didn't run the full marathon like all these brave people (- in case that was a bit misleading). All of these people are amazing and I can understand the challenge and personal satisfaction of running the whole thing. But I will never do one, it would be too sore and I really don't think it is good for your body, but I admire these people, especially the old ones. There were some painful looking legs at the end, but loads of great moments.

It's a great goal though and it's great to see the spirit of these people.

Thanks for all your wishes and comments. I hope nobody thought I did the whole thing, but for me it is still an achievement and I got a lot out of it. Including lots of funny and emotional pictures.

This is the third year I've done it and plan to do the next one if I can. We ran for Alzheimer Scotland. I'm not sure if I should put a link up to the sponsor page, but if anyone would like to donate, I will post the link. There is a pic of me after last year's race on the sponsor page, which I'm going to get taken off, as I think it is putting people off!

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