This morning we went shopping for the duplicate bridge group's arrival tomorrow for our monthly gathering. It is at our house this month so we needed to pick up food and drink for the gang. Each month the host is responsible for everything. This frees the rest of us up for 11 out of 12 months. Works for me.

Before we left I tramped around "Maryland Street" behind our house. There isn't really a street there but there is a huge thistle bush. I knew it had gone to seed and the morning was damp and cool, so I expected I might find some attractive seeds with a bit of dew on them. Sure enough. I had a hard time choosing between the this and the black and white version. Look closer here. To see the black and white version, look here.

When we got home from shopping the three of us cleaned house. Helena did the vacuuming as I was not sure I should do that kind of work while my eyes are healing. So I took over the bathrooms. Not my favorite but they are sparkling clean now and the carpets look good too. And Arvin did the kitchen floor so we are all ready.

Tomorrow Steve is coming over early with his card table and he will help us do the rest of the setting up. Again... thank you Steve.

Now Arvin and Helena are resting and I'm doing my blip. May get to commenting in awhile, though I'm not too sure. Again thanks so much for your comments. You are responsible for my photo getting into the spotlight. Thank you.

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