The Spread

It is close to midnight and I am finally getting around to posting today's blip. The day was chock-a-block full, beginning with eye drops and ending with same. In between setting up and putting out food for the duplicate bridge group meeting at our house today. I didn't think to take a picture until we were way into the day, so the food was partially eaten when I took this picture. I use the Sony RX100 in camera filters to fiddle with this photo of the food we set out. There was smoked Copper River King salmon which was totally delicious. And meat balls, salami and cheese, a veggie plate and crackers, chips and dips. Everybody commented on what a great spread it was. Oh yes, and Trader Joe's croissants I baked this morning. I cut them in half so they look more like escargots thank croissants. ;-) That meant there were plenty for all.

My partner and I got the weirdest hands and I was having a bit of trouble getting my eyes in the right focus. And both of us felt like we were making mistakes and bidding weirdly. Turns out everybody felt that way. The hands were weird. We ended up right smack in the middle. No money back. No winnings. But lots of fun together.

Then everybody left and we had the cleanup to do. Not sure I mentioned that Helena and Arvin were great help both setting up and cleaning up. Steve helped too with the setup but he had to head out quickly so he could go watch a football game with a friend. It was the Seattle Seahawks agains the San Francisco 49ers, so he was somewhat conflicted. We grew up in the SF Bay Area but Seattle is the local team.

Then Arvin, Helena and I watched the new Foyle's War and a neat show before that called Last Tango in Halifax that we all really love. Now, as I said, it is nearly midnight and I am bushed. So it's off to do my eyes and go to bed. Sorry but no comments tonight.

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